2017-09-11 10:16:13

The landscape lamp is an indispensable part of the modern landscape. It not only has higher ornamental value, but also emphasizes the harmony and unity of the landscape of the art lamp and the historical culture of the scenic spot and the surrounding environment.The landscape lamp USES different shapes, different light colors and brightness to create the scene.For example, the red light lantern shaped landscape lamp brings a festive atmosphere to the square, and the green coconut tree lamp stands on the edge of the pool to create a tropical atmosphere.

East yaoguang is mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of landscape lamp, yard lamp, lawn lamp, solar lamp, solar energy lamp, water family lighting and other lighting products.The products are sold all over the country, as well as southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries.The company is in Qingdao, jinan, baoding, xi 'an, shijiazhuang and other places with branches or offices, in many provinces and cities with agents.


The company has been committed to continuously improving brand awareness and high-end market share, and will be an expert in the production of image (free design), technology and quality leading lamps and lanterns.In line with the principle of sincere cooperation, we pursue the customer's greatest satisfaction with first-class products and first-class service.

On the road to success, we look forward to joining hands with you and enjoying the bright future together.

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