2017-09-19 16:36:14

Our way home, it is warm to our heart!"Looking at the brand-new street lamp in the neighborhood, the resident qiaocuilian sincerely sighed.

In recent days, the community in the center of xinglong street combined with the city work of quasi banner, installed solar street lamps for many communities in the district, and completely solved the problem of night travel lighting for residents.When night falls, wing on neighborhood of solar street lights will light up automatically, on time during the day, they are through the top of the head of "hat" the solar energy into electrical energy stored, "energy" for night lighting.

"It used to be that ordinary street lamps were installed in the neighborhood, and the time was long.Now, the installation of solar street lamp is not only saving electricity, saving money, but also saving energy and environmental protection, which has played a very good role in energy conservation and emission reduction."Said the resident qiaocuilian.

It is reported that these solar street lamps can be used for three to five days in a day.It is equivalent to six times the effect of normal lighting, which is the equivalent of a 25 watt solar street lamp equivalent to 150 watts of ordinary lighting.A 25-watt solar street lamp is expected to save 25 degrees every day, on a daily average of 11 hours.

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