2017-09-11 10:22:29

The continuous development of society, science and technology innovation, constantly improve the people's requirement, people more and more like to use renewable energy, solar energy, for example, it's green, environmental protection, safe and clean is a particularly popular renewable resource, is a development of new energy, it is recognized by the world.The old street lamp USES the traditional high voltage power supply, want to have a large number of cable laying, trenching and laying aside, need a lot of manpower material resources also waste of resources, in cable trench excavation might affect the safety of other line pipe, greatly increase the cost of such installation and associated maintenance costs will increase.Solar street light is in contrast to the contrary, do not need cable laying, need only a street lamp, the basis of the cost of installing lights reduce a lot of, don't need electricity, only need solar energy, in this way, manpower saves, electricity is removed.Thus, solar street lamps can be applied to roads, squares, parks, factory parks, etc.Solar energy is a valuable renewable resource, in order to reasonable and efficient use of solar energy, the need to install a solar street lamp, solar street lamps so that we can efficiently needed to convert solar energy to electricity.Now, there are many kinds of solar street lamp controllers in the market, which are different in materials, which are different from the utilization rate of the energy needed to convert the sun into the required energy. Therefore, it is necessary to select a good product according to the demand.

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