2017-09-19 16:36:46

The battery life, charging speed and safety performance are all caused by the lack of the technology of power lithium battery, so it can be regarded as the three technical bottlenecks of power lithium batteries.What exactly is that?The following is the technical personnel of xinpower new energy technology of hebei baoding xinenergy to introduce the bottleneck of the development of power lithium battery.

Short range:

As the technology matures, lithium batteries as power sources of electric vehicle range from at the beginning of less than 100 kilometers up to about 300 kilometers, the current mainstream of the range of individual models broke through 400 kilometers.But there is still a gap between the main driving range of the current fuel car and 500 kilometers.This problem can be solved by multi-monomer core, but the negative problem is that the volume is too large and the car is more difficult to travel.

 Slow charging speed:

Compared with the short driving range, the power lithium battery charging is more limited than the development of electric vehicles.At normal speed, the electric car's power lithium battery is fully charged for 4 ~ 8 hours.There are also fast rechargeable lithium batteries, which can be filled in one to two hours, but its negative effects can greatly reduce the life expectancy to 1/3 of the original, and the battery performance will drop significantly.Fuel cars do not have these problems. Refueling time is less than 5 minutes, and security and stability are guaranteed.

Iii. Improved safety performance:

Since the birth of lithium-ion batteries, safety has been a problem for consumers.From mobile phones, laptops, until now the lithium battery electric cars, solar energy street light, in addition to nissan and tesla's electric cars has yet caught fire report, China's general and byd, the United States and fisker electric car has the spontaneous combustion or a fire incident.

The existence of these three problems makes the lithium battery have to overcome the research and development costs of these three shortcomings, and the high price products also restrict the development of power batteries and power battery electric vehicles.

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